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Sunny Seattle

I just completed a lecture at Seattle University in Elizabeth Townsend-Gard's IP class. We had a good discussion about copyright and how it impacts citizen media like podcasting. I planned to also get into the right of publicity and trademarks, but we spent a fair amount of time on mash ups and remixes, which meant no time for these other topics. The students were great, and I thank them for the good questions and discussion. Read more about Sunny Seattle

PME - Leo Laporte's Keynote (podcasting's "terrible twos")

Here at Podcasting Expo, and Leo Laport is the first keynote. He's received the podcaster of the year award, and is talking about podcastings "terrible twos". He's got 5 issues he wants to talk about to set the tone for the conference. (Now, I've tried to take good notes, but I only caught 4 things... so perhaps one of these is really two things.) Read more about PME - Leo Laporte's Keynote (podcasting's "terrible twos")

swamped, but check this out

I've been busily trying to finish an article I'm writing with Elizabeth Townsend Gard about podcasting in corpoarations and universities, but had to drop a quick blog post after reading Steve Rubel's list of links for 08-31-06. As Steve notes, Jeff Pulver has created a Guide to TV Shows Only Available on the Internet. For someone like me who doesn't watch much normal TV, this is great. I had no idea how many shows are available. Read more about swamped, but check this out

I was surprised reading the SF Chronicle today to learn that AB2987 is going to be voted on this week.

There's a great series of video clips/interviews both for and against the bill at Read more about


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