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youtube vs. google vs. revver (from Chris Pirillo)

This is too funny. I had to share it here. Check out Chris Pirillo's comparison of YouTube vs. GoogleVideo vs. Revver. When I do the comparison from my DSL w/ a macbook, it seems like the YouTube and Revver sites load and run fine. The Google Video one (in the middle), however, keeps buffering and stalling... In any event, take a minute and enjoy this. Read more about youtube vs. google vs. revver (from Chris Pirillo)

Pew/Internet research on podcasting

Last week the Pew/Internet & American Life Project issued a Data Memo about Podcast Downloading. It concludes that 12% of internet users have dowloaded a podcast and notes that men (15%) download more than women (8%). The study also compares an analogous survey from February - April 2006 with results from the more recent survey of August 2006. With the exception of users aged 65+, which remained the same (4%), in every demographic group they studied, the percentage of people who have downloaded a podcast has increased. Read more about Pew/Internet research on podcasting

New site, just in time to play around.

We have a new site here at CIS and it's tripped out with a number of cool features. I'm going to play with the tagging and will do my best to figure out how drupal works. So far, so good.

In the two days since the site launched there have been a number of things I've wanted to post about. I was unable to log in to the site due to some special "features", eh hem, but that's all fixed now... So, without further ado, here are a few things I wanted to jot down: Read more about New site, just in time to play around.

Podding to the cell phone

One of the most interesting pesentations at PodCampWest this weekend was Erik Schwartz who demo-ed Foneshow (blog). This service allows you to publish your audio podcast to a cell phone. Listeners can subscribe to podcasts from the Foneshow website or from the podcaster's website. The listener receives a text message with a phone number in it that the listener dials in order to hear the show. Read more about Podding to the cell phone

Liveblogging from the music business seminar in Oakland

I'm here in Oakland to participate in the Music Business Seminar presented by California Lawyers for the Arts. The vibe of the conference is great. An eclectic group of participants, diverse, young, old, only a few lawyers, so mostly musicians/artist and producers.

The panel that's just starting is about grass-roots marketing strategies. Moderator is attorney Michael Acszon, and the panelists are Marshall Lamm, Kerry Fiero, and Jocelyn Kane. These are my notes. Read more about Liveblogging from the music business seminar in Oakland

Required listening for all podcasters

The Podcast Brothers have posted an excellent episode today in which they interview Marty Schwimmer, an expert on trademark, domain name, and copyright legal disputes. The podcast describes the important basics about when and how trademark rights begin, priority of rights, and many self-help steps the podcaster can take to help protect their rights, and avoid infringing the rights of others. It's about 25 minutes and worth every second of it. Required listening for all podcasters! Read more about Required listening for all podcasters


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