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Digital music - how did we get here?

Matt Burrows, one of my co-fellows here at CIS, gave a good talk today about how we ended up where we are today in the world of digital media. These are my notes from his talk:

Some initial caveats:
-these are his personal comments, not those of apple
-he's not an engineer -
-can't comment on litigation at apple etc.
-his background is from the music business, and transactions. not a litigator. his background is with music and entertainment deal-making.

The key elements/events that have lead to our current situation: Read more about Digital music - how did we get here?

Rules for the Revolution - featured in iTunes!

In January I started my first podcast series, Rules for the Revolution. The focus of the program is to answer general legal questions about the laws affecting podcasting and new media. (Does that ring any bells?) And I just learned that iTunes is featuring R4R this week on the homepage of the Podcast Store.

It has really been great to follow in the footsteps of a few of the ground-breaking fun & informative legal podcasters who came before me, and dip my toes into the world of podcasting as a podcaster (and not just as an outside observer/advocate/commentator). I've taken the opportunity to interview colleagues at Creative Commons, the EFF, CIS, and other attorneys who practice is in this growing "new media" space.

Upcoming interviews will focus on some solutions for new media users, like, an interview I have scheduled with Corey Denis from IODA. And Marty Schwimmer (TM and business law guru a la TWiL) and I are planning a program soon to cover the topic of "what to know when you have your first meeting with your attorney".

Please give the podcast a listen by subscribing in iTunes or via our RSS feed on the home page. Then send me your feedback. I have much to learn and welcome your comments, thoughts, and suggestions for future episodes. Read more about Rules for the Revolution - featured in iTunes!

Evan is podcasting again!

I just discovered that Evan Brown has started up his Internet Cases Podcast again. Episode 25 comes after a 1-year hiatus and he jumps in with a quick discussion of the thorny copyright issues faced by YouTube, MySpace and anyone developing their own content. Also, if you haven't followed his blog, shame on you. Evan collects numerous summaries of cases dealing with all things related to the internet. Read more about Evan is podcasting again!

American Microphone

Rob Millis recently interviewed me for his program American Microphone. We discussed some of my favorite topics -- like how to legally share creative content on the internet, how Creative Commons works, what sorts of problems large media outlets will be facing as "new media" grows and democratizes how information is distributed.

We also discussed some of the issues behind the Josh Wolf story. As of February 6, Josh is the journalist longest imprisoned for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury. I, unfortunately, got one important fact about his incarceration wrong in the interview -- the grand jury won't expire this month. It is not set to expire until the end of July. Fortunately, Josh's Mom cleared that up on the American Microphone blog, and also explained further the details of his situation.

So, you want to help Josh, but are not sure what you can do? Here's a great idea: You can host or attend a house party for Josh on Feb. 20. More info here.

American Microphone, btw, is lauded by NewTeeVee as a fresh political vlog sitting squarely in the spin free zone of political reporting. Like Alive in Baghdad and others, this space for political commentary and free speech is amazingly valuable, especially as we move into the next presidential campaign season. Rob has got some other cool ideas in the works, so I encourage you to keep an eye on his show as well as other projects he is involved with. Read more about American Microphone

Podcast Survey for Educators

Ann Beheler, Dean of Business, Computing, and Career Services at Orange Coast College and doctoral candidate, recently contacted me about podcasting in education. She will soon be conducting an online research study to develop best practices for the effective use of podcasting in postsecondary education. I have agreed to participate in her study, and I would like to refer any of you who are higher ed educators to also participate. It will take about 10-15 minutes of your time for each of three surveys spread over about a month, and you will get the results of the study. If you're interested, please contact Ann at and include a short description of your use of podcasting and your educational affiliation if you would like to be included. Read more about Podcast Survey for Educators

SXSW - panelizing about Video Mashups

I'm psyched to be speaking on a panel this spring at the South By Southwest Interactive conference. The panel is on Tuesday, March 13, and is entitled Video Mashups: "Please Rolling Stones Don't Sue Us". Rob Maigret (formerly CTO at Revver) will be moderating and I'm certain the discussion will raise many thorny issues about copyright in the world of video mashups. Read more about SXSW - panelizing about Video Mashups


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