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iPhone: The Musical

This funny music video (sung to the tune of "My Way") and featuring David Pogue's views on the iPhone, just made my morning. I think I now must go down and get the iPhone. And -- very cool -- the NY Times appears to understand at least one instance when it makes sense to embrace a "no rights reserved" approach to copyrighted content. Read more about iPhone: The Musical

Electronic filings coming soon to the Copyright Office

The Copyright Office reports it's final rule about electronic copyright submissions and fees. Starting July 2 (for a limited number of copyright claims) it will begin accepting submissions of electronic copyright applications. The fees for electronic submissions will be $10 less than paper. (Electronic filing fees will be $35, while paper will remain $45) Read more about Electronic filings coming soon to the Copyright Office

Virtual Worlds & the Law

I'm enjoying a good day here at Stanford's E-Commerce Best Practices conference. Eric Sinrod, James Grimmelman and Seth Steinberg of Lucas Arts are speaking about the interesting events going on in virtual worlds. Linden Labs, World of Warcraft, Blizzard, etc.

Also, I just finished panelizing with Denise Howell, Glenn Brown of Google, and Andrew Bridges of Winston & Strawn about "Monetizing Non-Traditional Content."

Though I'm not blogging the whole conference this year, I am enjoying the time to connect with friends here and enjoy the panels and presentations by some of the people in the trenches on the issues faced in e-commerce. Read more about Virtual Worlds & the Law

NYT Tech Talk & New Episode of Rules for the Revolution

The New York Times Tech Talk podcast has a segment in today's episode featuring a listener question about music licensing on the web. I was interviewed by Tom Holcolmb to answer these questions. The segment starts at 11:50 min., but give the whole episode a listen. This concise series cuts to the chase on a number of cutting-edge technology issues. Read more about NYT Tech Talk & New Episode of Rules for the Revolution

Wikis in law

Robert Ambroji has a nice article in's In-House Counsel section on wikis and their use in the legal profession. He highlights a number of law-related wikis that may be good resources for attorneys. Ones I especially like are EFF's Internet Law Treatise, Cornel's Wex, and CC's wiki. THough I haven't used it much, I'm curious how much success WikiPatents will have in improving the quality of issued patents. Read more about Wikis in law

TWiL on ecommerce

The latest episode of Ian Ballon as a guest and discusses the latest in electronic commerce or "Internet Law". The episode starts off with a brief discussion about what it means to have "ecommerce" or "internet" as a type of law. John Palfrey brought up the Posner opinion that it doesn't really make sense to designate certain types of law by subject area (like "horse law"). Posner argues that it's all just "law", and then applied to different areas of business or life. Read more about TWiL on ecommerce

Copyright in derivative works vs. collective works

About a week ago the Ninth Circuit issued this ruling that analyzes the difference between a collective work and a derivative work in a copyright infringement case involving K2's use of a photographer's copyrighted images. This topic is not often litigated - the most famous cases I recall that deals with these definitional questions are the Nagel tile case (Mirage Editions, Inc. v. Albuquerque A.R.T. Co., 856 F.2d 1341 (9th Cir. 1988)) and the National Geographic cover case (Greenberg v. Read more about Copyright in derivative works vs. collective works

A download is not a "performance"

Haven't had a chance yet to read the full opinion yet, but the bottom line of this important ruling from the S.D.N.Y. is that a "download" of a file embodying a particular song is not a "public performance" of that song under the copyright act. This means that no royalty is due to the artist (or the artist's performing rights organization, like ASCAP, BMI or SESAC) when the song is downloaded. I'll update once I've read through it. Read more about A download is not a "performance"


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