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Podcast Academy #6

{This is cross-posted at Rules for the Revolution.}

I'll be speaking at Podcast Academy #6 taking place the day before the Podcast & New Media Expo. It's on September 27 and you can find out more about speakers, topics, and registration here.

I've been thinking a lot about the presentation and plan to cover the top 5-10 (depending on time) "train wrecks" I see among the legal questions that podcasters face. Read more about Podcast Academy #6

ABA Conference - Ethics of lawyer blogs.

I'm wrapping up a vacation and as I return to on-line life, I wanted to write an update on a few upcoming events, which I'll do in the next few posts.

First up: Coming next week, I'm speaking on the 20th in Phoenix at an ABA conference hosted by the Standing Committee on Lawyers Professional Liability, on the issue of attorney blogs and the prickly ethical issues that we face. I will be presenting with Kevin OKeefe well known attorney and founder of Lexblog the infrastructure behind many attorney blogs. This is a newish area for me, but one I'm passionate about for obvious reasons. Read more about ABA Conference - Ethics of lawyer blogs.

Rules for the Revolution - Canada Style

I recently interviewed the co-authors of the Canadian adaptation of the Podcasting Legal Guide. Andy Kaplan-Myrth and Kathleen Simmons share their experiences in creating the guide and highlight the many differences between US and Canadian law. The interview is posted at the Rules for the Revolution podcast blog. For more information, check out the Podcasting Legal Guide for Canada: Northern Rules for the Revolution (pdf). Read more about Rules for the Revolution - Canada Style


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