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Legally Speaking - new program from California Lawyer and UC Hastings

Mark your calendars for January 14 for what looks to be an interesting CLE presented by The California Lawyer Magazine and UC Hastings. Legally Speaking is a new talk show program that will be filmed in San Francisco and feature the most famous lawyers in the world, including Stanford's own Lawrence Lessig. If you want to order tickets now, contact Nikki Delucci at Nikki_Delucchi [at] dailyjournal [dot] com or telephone (415) 296-2422. Tickets are $50. Read more about Legally Speaking - new program from California Lawyer and UC Hastings

I've been memed... and I hereby meme thee

Mark Britton of Avvo has added me to this meme to post about my favorite non-law blogs... Here they are (in not particular order!):

43 Folders - helps me keep up with organizational tools and efficiency ideas.

TechMeme - excellent collection of memes re: technology and startups.

Susan Mernit - interesting mix of thoughts, geeky news, events and quotes. Read more about I've been memed... and I hereby meme thee

New Media Expo 2008

I've been attending the 4th New Media Expo. This year the conference has moved to Las Vegas, which is a fun upgrade from past years. I've had a blast meeting up with friends from the past year and industry, and see how many of the businesses are growing in this still somewhat nascent field. Read more about New Media Expo 2008

SXSW - Sexual Privacy Online

I attended the Sexual Privacy On Line panel at SXSW yesterday. Violet Blue moderated with panelists Jonathan Moore, Zoe Margolis, John D’Addario, and Jason Schultz.

Jason had a brief summary of the privacy rights of individuals. These break down to rights against the government, and rights against individuals. He highlighted 5 rights that the courts have acknowledged. The first four listed here are against the government, and the last is a right individuals have against other individuals (including corporations etc.) Read more about SXSW - Sexual Privacy Online

SXSW - Privacy for Social Network Design

So, after a bit of a hiatus from blogging, I'm back. Today, I'm at South By Soutwest (SXSW) and attended a program this morning on Social Design Strategies. Panelist Daniel Burka (of Digg & Pownce) had some useful thoughts on how to approach privacy as a developer of social networks. These are my notes.

Daniel's first slide provided a nice continuum between places where privacy and expectations are relatively clear (at the extremes) and where privacy is blurry. His examples: Read more about SXSW - Privacy for Social Network Design

EFF's Web 2.0 Compliance Bootcamp - Register Now!

EFF is hosting a one-day Web 2.0 compliance bootcamp. It's scheduled for October 10. Here's the full description:

Does your interactive company have to contend with the maze
of laws dealing with user privacy and publishing user
content? Want to do the right thing by the online community
that gives your business value and still fulfill your legal

Don't kiss your civil liberties goodbye!

My digital freedom-oriented friends at the ACLU of Northern California are hosting a happy hour this week. I'll be mingling at the New Media Expo in Ontario, so I'll unfortunately have to miss this one. But if you're in SF, definitely stop by... Details:

Thursday, September 27, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Fluid Ultra Lounge (662 Mission Street, downtown SF). RSVP to HAPPYHOUR@ACLUNC.ORG

SWAK. Read more about Don't kiss your civil liberties goodbye!

International Connections

As I'm wrapping up a visit with my relatives in Switzerland, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Philipp Schroeder of DIN15 / Information Architecture & Interaction Design. I first met Philipp when he visited CIS earlier this summer through the Swiss Silicon Valley Association. Philipp is a motivated open source developer and energized about Web 2.0 culture and opportunities here in Switzerland. Read more about International Connections


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