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Without My Consent: Year-End Highlights

At Without My Consent, the non-profit I co-founded (which is also my fellows project here at CIS), we're coming to the conclusion of our first year of operation. We couldn't be happier about our accomplishments: a newly-launched website, concrete policy agenda, and media coverage that understands what we're doing. You can read more about our 2011 highlights in our year end newsletter. We'd love to stay in touch so please subscribe to our mailing list, follow @WithoutConsent on Twitter, and become our fan on Facebook. Read more about Without My Consent: Year-End Highlights

SXSW: Location Based Technology Hits Prime Time

I'm enjoying a few days at SXSW to explore the latest things that are going on in the interactive space. I'm enjoying it and tweeting my impressions/thoughts. Looking forward to connecting with the Stanford Fair Use Project folks and the Berkeley Samuelson Clinic participants on Monday. The issue that most interests me this year is all the location-based technology that is rolling out (literally, everywhere!). Read more about SXSW: Location Based Technology Hits Prime Time

Supernova Conference - San Francisco

On December 1 and 2, Supernova will be back in San Francisco with a really great assortment of discussions (agenda) and an extraordinary group of provacative speakers (speaker list). I will be moderating a panel focused on Fair Use issues issues that will include Zahavah Levine, Chief Counsel for YouTube, and Ashlie Beringer, a litigator at the law firm Gibson Dunn and Crutcher.

There are some obvious things about fair use in copyright that are worth discussion - especially with recent issues around the news/journalism/media industry (like Rupert Murdoch's threats about content aggregation and search tools) and the on-going debates around copyright and user generated content. So, what issues relating to fair use are on your mind? What questions do you have for these panelists? What would you like to see covered by this discussion? I'd love to hear from you as we prepare for this discussion.

Registration information for Supernova. Read more about Supernova Conference - San Francisco

State of the Net West - Conference @ Santa Clara

I'm at the State of the Net West conference hosted by Santa Clara U. Law School. My favorite comment so far was from Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren: "It's good to be back in nerd land." I was heartened that Lofgren sees a core area for investigation is the conflict between copyright laws and antitrust laws. I'm looking forward to that discussion. Read more about State of the Net West - Conference @ Santa Clara

Friends & Health

A close friend of mine is facing some serious health problems that has brought our group of friends together. One friend in that group passed along this NYT article to me today. The article, in a nutshell, is about the power of friendship in healing. I think the article and the studies discussed are super important. I wanted to pass it along to my friends who read this blog. (There's also a worthwhile podcast that discusses the article. The discussion is in the last 5:30 minutes of the podcast.) Read more about Friends & Health

Tools Of Change

Enjoying the day at the O'Reilly TOC Conference (Tools of Change for Publishing). The audience has a much more traditional publisher feel to it than the new media conferences I've attended, and I'm enjoying the dialog with some of the attendees. There are at least 3 panels/discussions/programs that involve the Google Book Search settlement and how it will impact publishers. Obviously that's on the mind of many here. Read more about Tools Of Change

Doe Plaintiffs: A Case Study in On Line Reputation & Privacy

I recently gave a talk at Berkeley School of Law to a privacy class regarding a recent case I filed involving a Doe Plaintiff who faces a serious on-line reputation disaster after a former boyfriend posted photos and images of her to a user generated porn site. It is a pending case, so my comments were about the general issues facing individuals in these situations and the questions a lawyer must consider before filing such a case. Read more about Doe Plaintiffs: A Case Study in On Line Reputation & Privacy


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