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Robot Block Party 2012

The Center for Internet and Society once again participated in National Robotics Week, organized by the Robotics Caucus of the U.S. Congress and leading robotics companies, schools, and organizations. We hosted a Robot Block Party & Job Fair today at VAIL. This event showcased cutting edge robotics technology from throughout the Bay Area.

Watch video and view pictures from today's awesome robot block party. 

Robots on the Rise

Consumer robotics and Ryan Calo, director of Robotics at CIS, profiled in this SF gate article.


Technical manuals and popular fiction helped thrust robots into the popular imagination in the late 1970s, cast in the twin archetypes of mechanical monsters or tin sidekicks.

But for technical, financial and other reasons, the grand promise - or grave threat - of the rise of robots never came to pass. (We're still waiting on our jetpacks, too.)


Apply To CIS & CARS Joint Fellowship!

From vehicles that detect pedestrians in the road to cars capable of navigating urban terrain without human intervention, autonomous driving is currently one of the most intensively researched and publicly followed developments in the automotive realm. This technology could dramatically improve safety, efficiency, and mobility by taking the driver out of the loop wherever computer control is more reliable. Yet it also raises important questions of law and policy that society is only now beginning to understand and address.

The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS) and the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society (CIS) offer a joint residential fellowship to examine the legal and policy aspects of autonomous driving.


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