Ademir Pereira

Position / Title: 
Non-Residential Fellow

Ademir splits his time between two worlds. He is part-time is in academia, currently taking a PhD at University of Sao Paulo. His research focuses on efforts by Latin American regulators to promote increased access to broadband Internet and implement a network neutrality regime. He has been particularly interested in the debate involving the regulation of network neutrality in Brazil and the US, and has submitted contributions to the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and to the US Federal Communications Commission. He has published several articles on Antitrust and Regulation in specialized reviews and is also a co-author of books on Antitrust, Litigation and Brazilian Supreme Court Case Law.

Ademir also dedicates much of his time to private practice in Brazil. He is an attorney specialized in Antitrust matters and has acted in several complex cases, especially involving high-tech markets and the intersection of IP and Antitrust. He is named by several professional publications as one of the top Antitrust/Competition attorneys in Brazil.

Ademir holds a Master Degree in Law, Science and Technology (LLM) from Stanford University and Master Degree in Economic Law (LLM) from University of São Paulo. He is a Bachelor of Law (LLB) from University of São Paulo. Before becoming an attorney, he clerked for a Judge at the São Paulo Court of Appeals.