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The goal of the WhatApp project is to establish an online, “Consumer Reports”-style resource where users can assess, discuss, and rate the privacy and security of mobile and Internet-enabled applications. We envision a website that will combine traditional consumer reporting and review tools with wikis, crowd research and investigations to allow users to make informed choices about the applications they download.

We want WhatApp to be a useful tool for both savvy Internet experts and novices to pool resources and share insights about the privacy features of a wide variety of applications, including Facebook Apps, Friendster Widgets, iPhone applications, office suites, online maps, toolbars, and media players. The project’s aim is to fill the current market gap between consumer demand for privacy friendly applications and anti-privacy practices employed by the developers and thereby to foster better privacy practices Net-wide.

As we work to design and implement the Alpha version of WhatApp, we'd like to hear what our prospective user-base thinks about this project--to this end we're posting documents that reflect the ongoing WhatApp development process. We'd like to hear your thought on things we're doing right, things we're doing wrong, and things we haven't even considered.

WhatApp is funded with a generous grant from the Rose Foundation.

WhatApp Project Proposal

WhatApp Open Planning Session, November 21, 2008

WhatApp? Alpha Screen Shots