Your Car May Be Programmed to Kill You — and 9 More Fun Facts About Self-Driving Vehicles

"“It’s one thing for a human to steer her car off a cliff and quite another thing for a machine to make that choice,” Lin says. “It’s also one thing for pedestrians to be struck by a car whose driver made a bad reflexive decision and quite another thing for them to be struck because the robot car was programmed deliberately to target them or put them at greater risk. Setting expectations can help with some of this, but probably not all.”"

"That doesn’t necessarily mean driverless cars are illegal in other states, says Bryant Walker Smith, an assistant professor of law at the University of South Carolina and an affiliate scholar at Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society. But it’s likely more states will adopt laws regarding semi- and fully autonomous vehicles, which may vary from place to place."

"Calo doesn’t foresee owners getting sued for damage caused by fully autonomous vehicles, though he thinks more states may embrace no-fault insurance schemes that spread the responsibility equally. “I think the vast majority of liability suits will center around a design flaw or a manufacturing defect,” he says. “I don’t see too many scenarios where owners of driverless cars will be held responsible.”"