Why The Sensitive Intersection of Race, Hate Speech And Algorithms Is Heating Up

"Indeed, while Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg reportedly eyes political ambitions within an increasingly brown America in which his own company consistently has issues creating racial balance, there are questions around policy and development of such algorithms. In fact, Malkia Cyril executive director for the Center for Media Justice  told the Post  that she believes that Facebook has a double standard when it comes to deleting posts. And she has been part of an assemby that has met with the company about the issue.

"Our group of Black Lives Matter activists actually met with Facebook representatives in February 2016, not 2014 as it says in The Washington Post article,  to discuss the appalling levels of resentment, racist insults and violent threats we were receiving from strangers on the Facebook platform while other racial epithets were allowed to stand," Cyril explains. "The meeting was a good first step, but very little was done in the direct aftermath.  Even then, Facebook executives, largely white, spent a lot of time explaining why they could not do more instead of working with us to improve the user experience for everyone.”"