The top 3 companies in autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars

"Imagine: After a long flight home from a conference, you walk outside to the airport's ground transportation and are met by an airport shuttle, which takes you directly to your car. Here's the plot twist: The shuttle is operating without a human driver. This hypothetical scenario will most likely become reality within the next five years, said Bryant Walker Smith, a University of South Carolina law professor who studies autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles have been talked about for years, if not decades, according to Smith. "The reality of automated driving is that, from the 1930s onward, it was always 20 years away: In the '30s they would appear by '50s, and the '50s by the '70s and the '90s to today. But in early 2010, it shifted to being about five years away consistently, and even today it's still about five years away," he said."