#NetNeutrality: Turns Out 99.7 Percent of Unique FCC Comments Wanted to Keep the Internet Open

"“Filtering Out the Bots: What Americans Actually Told the FCC about Net Neutrality Repeal” is a study completed by Ryan Singel—a Media and Strategy Fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society—in which he took a “state-by-state, district-by-district look at linguistically unique comments fled to the FCC in the 2017 repeal proceedings.”

In a blog post Monday, Singel wrote that he relied heavily on work previously done by data scientist Jeff Kao. Kao took all 22 million comments and extracted comments that weren’t form letters or products of fraud campaigns. He ended up with 800,000 comments that were identified as “semantic standouts.” Of those comments, 99.7 percent were in favor of keeping the net neutrality rules put in place in 2015 on the books."