National cybersecurity expert weighs in on Russia hacking hearings

"National expert Dr. Richard Forno, who is the assistant director of the University of Maryland Baltimore County's cybersecurity program, tells NewsChannel 7 Investigates he was most impressed the committee did not in his view conflate the issues of national security and hacking.

Forno said there may be similarities between national security and hacking, but those are two separate issues.

He was also happy to hear data integrity brought up as a national concern.

Forno agreed the motive was likely election interference.

"Nations interfere with elections all the time,” Forno said. “We do it. Other countries do it. As far as the cyber motivation. I think certainly this was a normal cyber security incident. Very well timed. And yes it probably was to sway the election - whether it was Russia or china or someone else we have to wait and see.""