Lake County takes precautions after ransomware attack shuts down email server for more than 2 weeks

"But, depending on the type of data that is at stake or the consequences of not recovering data can complicate a ransomware attack, said Scott Shackelford, chair of the Cybersecurity Program at the Kelley School of Business for Indiana University, in an email.

For example, if a hospital administrator’s computer is compromised, and lives are at stake, “then options are limited,” he said.

Organizations generally follow the procedure of contacting the FBI and local police and meeting with an internal security team to see what data is backed up, he said.

There isn’t comprehensive data on cybersecurity incidents, but “secondary sources” say that ransomware is on the rise, Shackelford said. Symantec, a California-based software company, reports that the varieties of ransomware have more than tripled since 2014, he said.

“We’ve seen recently there’s evidence that the attackers are getting more brazen, going after everything from hospitals and police stations to entire cities,” Shackelford said."