Facing Fear: The One Key To Success

"Nabiha Syed is 31 years old and is on the front lines protecting our free speech, religion and our right to protest. She’s the Assistant General Counsel at BuzzFeed, a free speech lawyer and a women’s rights advocate.

There are many words to describe Syed, but I’ll use the word my friend used to describe her which is perfect—“badass.” She’s a Forbes Under 30 and a non-resident fellow at Stanford Law School and Yale Law School. She couldn’t figure out what she wanted to do so she kept going to some of the world’s best universities—she’s a graduate of John Hopkins University, Yale Law School and Oxford University. And she cofounded DroneU, an educational platform explaining drone integration into civilian airspace. This is Syed’s Mentoring Moment, an excerpt from our podcast, in her words (condensed and edited):

I am 25 years old. I’m at Oxford because for some unknown reason I decided to go to more law school after I finished law school in the U.S. I'm supposed to be writing this great thesis. My thesis adviser doesn't think it’s so great. That sent me into this mid-twenties existential crisis of “Why am I studying media law? What’s so interesting about this? Why did I even pick this? I've chosen something so narrow. I have so many other interests.”"