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Experts rip Ray Ozzie's plan for unlocking encrypted phones

"Riana Pfefferkorn, a cryptography fellow at Stanford Law School, who earlier this year wrote a whitepaper on "responsible encryption," said that the system could threaten civil liberties and human rights.

In the US, law enforcement can force you to use your fingerprint or scan your face to access and search your phone. These biometric seizures happen more often than you might realize. But you cannot be legally compelled to unlock a device with a just a passcode, because the Fifth Amendment protects what's stored in your head, but not what's on your body.

"If Ozzie's proposal were implemented, it would give the police a way to lean on you to open the phone for them," she said in a blog post. "Ozzie's scheme would basically require a self-destruct function in every smartphone sold, anywhere his proposal became law, that would be invoked thousands and thousands of times per year, with no compensation to the owners.""