Attorneys Joust Over Copyright Law's Legacy

"Attorney Andrew Bridges with Fenwick & West said adjudication is the only fair way to handle accusations that can lead to being kicked off the Internet. 

"Who decides who's an infringer? There's only one competent authority to decide who's an infringer and that's a court. 

"Every motion picture studio and record label has been accused of copyright infringement at least three times. And I bet they would not like to have their Internet service terminated. 

"If accusation makes an infringer, than most of the major copyright holders are infringers by that standard. Being cut from a university network as a student is pretty bad; I get it. Being cut off from being able to apply for a job, to pay your bills, to pay taxes in California, where you have to file electronically, is a big deal. Adjudication is the only way to go.""