With Amazon Key’s launch, customers and lawyers have lots of questions

""Would it be possible for a person unknowingly to authorize a law enforcement agency or a criminal to access Amazon Key?" Elizabeth Joh, a law professor at the University of California, Davis, e-mailed Ars. "If a criminal gains access and some harm occurs, who is responsible? And what criminal law would apply? Also, does Amazon have in its disclaimers that law enforcement might ask for access through Amazon Key? Does Amazon plan on being transparent about this?""

"According to law professor Ryan Calo of the University of Washington, Amazon is carving out what it is and isn't responsible for.

"Amazon and its delivery providers get access to your home," he told Ars. "So, if Amazon or its delivery providers leave your door open, Amazon can be liable. But if you use Amazon's app to open the door for other providers, that's on you (and them).""