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  • Equal Protection For Shostakovich? Justices Question Lawyers In Copyright Case

    Date published: 
    October 5, 2011

    A quote by Anthony Falzone, Executive Director of the Fair Use Project, is featured in the below Chronicle of Higher Education article by Marc Perry on Golan v. Holder and how when Congress removed works from the public domain and place them back under copyright protection in 1994 "it devalued the public domain."

    Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. invoked Jimi Hendrix. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg trumpeted Dmitry Shostakovich. And Justice Stephen G. Breyer plucked out Jewish music from the 1930s.

  • In Supreme Court Argument, A Rock Legend Plays A Role

    Date published: 
    October 5, 2011

    Anthony Falzone, Executive Director of the Fair Use Project, is quoted by Adam Liptak in this New York Times article on Golan v. Holder, and how original expression, such as that used by Jimi Hendrix with the national anthem, could be stifled by granting copyright protection to works that had once been in the public domain.

  • Supreme Court copyright case will decide fate of millions of once-public works

    Date published: 
    October 4, 2011

    CIS Executive Directorof the Fair Use Project Anthony Falzone is mentioned in the following Washington Post article by Robert Barnes covering the case of Golan v. Holder which will determine if copyright laws will apply to foreign works in the public domain.

    Another school year has begun at the University of Denver music department, renewing a familiar pattern for professor Lawrence Golan.

  • Privacy cases slated for U.S. Supreme Court's new term

    Date published: 
    October 3, 2011

    Lecturer Ryan Calo is quoted in the following article by Declan McCullagh of Privacy Inc. on what should be considered a "privacy harm."

    When police in the District of Columbia decided to use an automobile GPS bug to surreptitiously track the movements of Antoine Jones, a suspected cocaine dealer, they set in motion a legal challenge that will end before the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Mexico's Twitter 'terrorism' case sparks controversy

    Date published: 
    September 8, 2011

    Ryan Calo, CIS Director of Privacy and Robotics, spoke with CNN's Catherine E. Shoichet about Mexico's Twitter Terrorism case and what type of punishment should be created for these type of incidents.

    One Mexican state's tough stance on Twitter posts could have a chilling effect on social media throughout the country, analysts say.

  • Increased use of 'personal drones' needs urgent regulation

    Date published: 
    September 5, 2011

    An excerpt from a blog written by Ryan Calo, CIS Director of Privacy and Robotics, is referenced by Sara Mansoori of The Guardian in regards to how the greatest use of drones can be for surveillance.

    The military use of "spy drones" is very well established. United States Air Force drones have now done more than a million "combat hours". Drones have been used by the police in Britain for some time. It is now reported that they are being used for news gathering purposes by News Corporation in the United States.

  • Golan v. Holder - Petitioners' Reply Brief

    Anthony Falzone
    Daniel Nazer
    Julie Ahrens
    Publication Date: 
    August 31, 2011
    Publication Type: 
    Litigation Brief

    Supreme Court Reply Brief filed by Petitioners.

  • David Levine

    Susan Shirk - Hearsay Culture Show #149 - KZSU-FM

    A talk show on KZSU-FM, Stanford, 90.1 FM, hosted by Center for Internet & Society Resident Fellow David S. Levine. The show includes guests and focuses on the intersection of technology and society. How is our world impacted by the great technological changes taking place? Each week, a different sphere is explored. This week, David interviews Prof. Susan Shirk of the University of California - San Diego, editor of the book Changing Media, Changing China. For more information, please go to http://hearsayculture.com.

  • Email Disclaimers Mostly Along For The Ride

    Date published: 
    August 26, 2011

    Ryan Calo, CIS Director of Privacy and Robotics, is quoted by Ameet Sachdev in the Chicago Tribune on the surprising type of protection e-mail disclaimers actually offer the sender.

    The other day I received an email from a lawyer in Chicago who I don't talk to very often. So I was a little surprised to hear from him.

    There was nothing in the body of the email, but there was an attachment that I proceeded to open.


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