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  • NASA Aims For Regulated Drone Highways

    Happy New Year! And there’s already so much going on. We’re keeping it close to home today, to start 2016. As close as the sky above us. The Federal Aviation Administration and NASA see it getting really busy with drones. Maybe a million-plus new drones out there just in recent weeks. Amazon and Google keep pushing for drone delivery. Now NASA’s talking drone highways in the sky. This hour On Point, how we will live with drones.

    — Tom Ashbrook

  • The ethical dilemma of self-driving cars

    Self-driving cars are already cruising the streets today. And while these cars will ultimately be safer and cleaner than their manual counterparts, they can’t completely avoid accidents altogether. How should the car be programmed if it encounters an unavoidable accident? Patrick Lin navigates the murky ethics of self-driving cars.

  • Deep Dive: God, Science & Robotic Warfare

    Robotic warfare is no longer the realm of science fiction. From drones to the development of lethal, autonomous robotic weaponry, we take a look at the ethics of the future of killer robots and where this will ultimately lead mankind.

  • Public domain or copyrighted material?

    The song “Happy Birthday” has a long, litigious history dating back to the 1930s. Every year, people spent millions in royalties to use the song, until a class action lawsuit was brought challenging whether the owner, Warner/Chappell Music, actually owned the copyright it so aggressively enforced. Elizabeth Townsend-Gard, Tulane School of Law professor specializing in copyright law, discusses the case of “Happy Birthday.”

  • Valarie Kaur

    Valarie Kaur at the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions

    Valarie Kaur, founder of Groundswell, gave this moving address on Revolutionary Love at the world's largest interfaith gathering – the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions. Don't miss the message our world needs to hear – "Forgiveness is not forgetting, forgiveness is freedom from hate."

  • David Brin

    David Brin - Hearsay Culture Show #245 - KZSU-FM

    CIS Affiliate Scholar David Levine interviews Author David Brin, on transparency, reciprocal accountability, cyber-utopianism and the preservation of excitement in an age of cynicism.