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  • Jonathan Mayer

    Jonathan Mayer - Hearsay Culture Show #231 - KZSU-FM

    CIS Affiliate Scholar David Levine interviews Jonathan Mayer, Stanford Ph.D. candidate in computer science, author of Terms of Abuse: An Empirical Assessment of the Federal Hacking Law, and How to Fix It.

  • A Historic Day for The Internet: FCC Set to Approve Net Neutrality Rules

    On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to approve ​​new net neutrality regulations. If the new rules are adopted, internet service will be regulated like a public utility, a move that will prevent companies from manipulating internet traffic.

    It will be a major victory both for President Obama and for a swarm of internet companies that vocally supported net neutrality​—everything from Netflix to Twitter​, to Mozilla, Tumblr, and Etsy.

  • CITP Luncheon Speaker Series: Victoria Stodden and David Levine - Basing Rules on Empirical Evidence: Transparency in Lawmaking

    Full video available at CITP's YouTube Channel

    The increasing use of empirical evidence in policy making is raising questions about rules that govern the use of such information. At the same time, empirical studies are influencing legislative analysis and history in ways that we are only beginning to ascertain. In this article, we seek to establish and address the baseline questions that arise in and about a modern legislative body assessing scientific evidence.

  • Proposed drone rules allow limited access for some businesses

    The Federal Aviation Administration has released long-awaited proposed rules to regulate commercial drone use. The rules would allow anyone over 17 to take a test to get permission to fly a commercial drone without needing a pilot's license, a key concern of the drone industry.

    Commercial drones would have to fly below 500 feet, only during daylight, and always be visible to their operators.

  • Richard Forno

    Cyber Security and a New Government Agency

    Last week, health insurance giant Anthem revealed that the personal information of as many as 80 million customers was stolen by hackers. This news came just days before President Obama announced the creation of a new agency to analyze and counter cyber threats. In this hour, we look at Obama’s cybersecurity agenda, and the cyber-security challenges that face users in the coming year.

  • Prof. David Levine

    Prof. Stephanie Pell and Chris Soghoian - Hearsay Culture Show #229 - KZSU-FM

    CIS Affiliate Scholar David Levine interviews Prof. Stephanie Pell of the Army Cyber Institute and Chris Soghoian of the American Civil Liberties Union on StingRay and their newly-published Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy article entitled Your Secret Stingray’s No Secret Anymore: The Vanishing Government Monopoly over Cell Phone Surveillance and Its Impact on National Security and Consumer Privacy.

  • Prof. Danielle Citron

    The dangers of being a woman online

    A growing number of female writers and journalists are being subjected to intense harassment online, often in response to seemingly mundane posts or articles. Even women who aren't professional writers or bloggers experience a kind of harassment online that is more graphic and violent in nature then the kind of trolling done to men.

    Danielle Citron, professor at the University of Maryland's Carey School of Law and author of "Hate Crimes in Cyberspace," joined The Daily Circuit to talk about the impact of these attacks on women.