NASA Aims For Regulated Drone Highways

Happy New Year! And there’s already so much going on. We’re keeping it close to home today, to start 2016. As close as the sky above us. The Federal Aviation Administration and NASA see it getting really busy with drones. Maybe a million-plus new drones out there just in recent weeks. Amazon and Google keep pushing for drone delivery. Now NASA’s talking drone highways in the sky. This hour On Point, how we will live with drones.

— Tom Ashbrook


Parimal Kopardekar, manager of the Safe Autonomous Systems Operations Project at NASA, where he is also the principal investigator of Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management. (@nasapk)

Mike Whitaker, deputy administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, where he is also Chief NextGen Officer.

Ryan Calo, professor at the University of Washington School of Law and faculty co-director of the Tech Policy Lab. (@rcalo)

Focus Area: 

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