Copyright & Fair Use Issues in the Visual Motion Arts

December 12, 2013 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Please RSVP Password: 950battery The song you sampled for an intro sequence that you don’t have the license for- The uncredited movie clips you inserted into a montage- The image you pulled from social media- You can use those in your production, because they’re all covered by Fair Use ... right? Think again: the lawmakers who created the Fair Use exception in copyright law left its definition deliberately vague, and millions have been spent in legal fees to determine just what is or isn’t fair use of copyrighted material. Frankly, you’d have to be a lawyer to figure out whether the media you’re using will land you, your employees, or your company in hot water. Fortunately for you, Julie Ahrens is a lawyer, and on December 12th she’ll be speaking exclusively to the Bay Area’s editors, producers, and production companies about Fair Use in the motion picture arts. As the Director of Copyright and Fair Use at Stanford University, Ms. Ahrens is uniquely qualified to educate you about the best practices for relying on fair use and to dispel myths about what copyright law does and does not allow. She’ll also tell you about how you can reduce legal risks when using copyrighted material in your production. Join us at Beyond Pix Studios, in the heart of San Francisco’s media gulch, for a primer on the copyright issues that most directly affect you and your business. We’ll be serving drinks and snacks while Ms. Ahren speaks, and she’ll answer any questions you may have in a brief Q&A afterwards.

Beyond Pix
950 Battery St., Studio D
San Francisco, CA

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