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Dave Del Torto

Del Torto will be discussing human rights, encryption technologies, and his recent work in Guatemala. This discussion will cover some of the basic issues: international treaties (proposed and existing), UCITA, US crypto export controls and other US initiatives and the work of the CRF in Guatemala as examples of the hard questions at the intersection of human rights work and controls on cryptography.
Dave Del Torto is the founder & executive director of the CryptoRights Foundation (CRF), Dave has worked in the cryptography industry as a founding employee of PGP Inc, principal crypto consultant at Network Associates, chief security officer at MEconomy, Inc and director of technology at Deloitte & Touche's Security Services division. He leads the CRF's international security efforts for human rights workers and is building the CRF into a global human rights technical security service organization.

The CryptoRights Foundation (CRF) is a non-profit service organization dedicated to protecting human rights workers and preserving the rights of security researchers to freely study and create technical communications security tools. Their work includes assisting, training and providing online and onsite security resources to human rights workers in dangerous places, producing new security tools for human rights work, assisting in the investigation of Crimes against Humanity and general security research advocacy.

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