The Policy Implications of End to End
December 1, 2000
Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society,
Stanford, CA

(PLEASE NOTE: This is a transcript of a recording of the event. There are significant spelling errors, etc, for which we apologize, but we wanted to get this content available online.)

Introduction: Lawrence Lessig, Andy Schwartzman, Jerry Saltzer.

Panel 1: David Eisenberg and Scott Bradner, Harold Feld and Francois Bar and Bob Pepper.

Panel 2: Hans Kruse, Bill Yurcik, Gary Larson, Molly Van Houweling and Michael Kleeman.

Panel 3: Barbara van Schewick, Karl Auerbach, Jamie Love, and Stuart Benjamin.

Panel 4: Dave Clark Christine Hemerick, Ann Brick, Doug Chad and Tim Denton.

Panel 5: Jerry Faulhaber and Mark Nuway.

Panel 6: Mark Laubach, David Reed, Mark Cooper, James Speta and Peter Huber.

Panel 7: Mike Chartier, Andy Schwartzman, Kevin Werbach and Andrew McLaughlin.

Panel 8: Yochai Benkler, Dwayne Hendricks, Dale Hatfield, Howard Shelanski.

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