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Rules for the Revolution - featured in iTunes!

In January I started my first podcast series, Rules for the Revolution. The focus of the program is to answer general legal questions about the laws affecting podcasting and new media. (Does that ring any bells?) And I just learned that iTunes is featuring R4R this week on the homepage of the Podcast Store.

It has really been great to follow in the footsteps of a few of the ground-breaking fun & informative legal podcasters who came before me, and dip my toes into the world of podcasting as a podcaster (and not just as an outside observer/advocate/commentator). I've taken the opportunity to interview colleagues at Creative Commons, the EFF, CIS, and other attorneys who practice is in this growing "new media" space.

Upcoming interviews will focus on some solutions for new media users, like, an interview I have scheduled with Corey Denis from IODA. And Marty Schwimmer (TM and business law guru a la TWiL) and I are planning a program soon to cover the topic of "what to know when you have your first meeting with your attorney".

Please give the podcast a listen by subscribing in iTunes or via our RSS feed on the home page. Then send me your feedback. I have much to learn and welcome your comments, thoughts, and suggestions for future episodes.


For being featured and putting together an informative and fun podcast! And if my show inspired you in any way, well that's exciting as well! Keep it up . . . Dave

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