Understanding & Improving Privacy "Audits" under FTC Orders

This new white paper, entitled “Understanding and Improving Privacy ‘Audits’ under FTC Orders,” carefully parses the third-party audits that Google and Facebook are required to conduct under their 2012 Federal Trade Commission consent orders.  Using only publicly available documents, the article contrasts the FTC’s high expectations for the audits with what the FTC actually received (as released to the public in redacted form). 

What will Microsoft and Ireland do with the new CLOUD Act warrant?

So it seems that the Microsoft Ireland case at the Supreme Court will end with a whimper. Both the Department of Justice and Microsoft agree that the case is moot and should be dismissed due to the passage of the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act or “CLOUD Act.” DoJ told the Court that it has procured a warrant under new section 2713 of the Stored Communications Act.

Call For Papers: The Cambridge Handbook of Surveillance and Race

The editors of the forthcoming Cambridge Handbook of Surveillance and Race seek additional contributors. This volume will bring together the work of leading scholars in such fields as public health, law, critical race studies, anthropology, criminology, sociology, history, political science, psychology, and philosophy to present an intersectional perspective on the issues of governance, power, and control as applied to racial and other minority populations.

Tool Without A Handle: Online Confessions

In my last post, I wrote of moral hazards created by privacy, using extramarital affairs as just one example (really, any legal or moral wrongdoing facilitated by secrecy illustrates the point). Privacy, as it happens, also encourages use of networked information technologies for confession of moral wrongs and provides incentives for both wrongdoers and victims to find support from others with similar interests and concerns.


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