Blame the NSA, not Facebook and Google: Column

Outrageous and possibly illegal. That's what Google's executive chairman called the latest chapter in the NSA saga – news that the NSA not only requests data from big tech and telecom companies, but also secretly hacks into their private lines. Yet, last week, seven privacy groups unmasked the real privacy villains in this story and filed a complaint against them with a federal agency.

It’s Just a Matter of Time Before Somebody Gets Hurt: New Just Security Post

In a new post over at Just Security, I look at the recently declassified Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) opinions on bulk collection of Internet "metadata". These opinions show that, once again, the NSA has conducted illegal spying. The new documents reveal the National Security Agency’s (NSA) systemic violation of rules for domestic collection and use of Internet metadata.

French Court Forces Google to Proactively Block Photographs of Sexual Escapade from Image Search

The long standing saga of Max Moseley’s sexual images has recently offered European decision makers a new opportunity to strike a balance between freedom of expression and the right of privacy in light of the ubiquitous and unstoppable distribution of information propelled by the power of Internet search engines. When courts are confronted with novel questions, finding adequate solutions may be extremely challenging. But once again European courts seem to prefer to sideline freedom of expression in favor of protecting other fundamental rights.

Protecting Journalism in the Digital Era

Imagine that you are 
participating in a protest on a university campus. The campus
police ask everyone to leave. Some protestors refuse to move, and suddenly
they are doused with pepper spray by campus police. You pull out your cell phone and start recording, asking protestors to describe what happened. After some editing, you post the video to YouTube.

The Program for Legal Tech + Design

I’m excited to announce that Ron Dolin & I have started a new Program for Legal Tech & Design at Stanford. We’re based out of Stanford Institute of Design ( for now, which is where I’m doing my one-year fellowship to bring Law & Design together.

Konomark and Decoupage – Who’d Have Thunk It?

One of the coolest konomark requests I've received so far came from Judi Pennella, who sought permission to use a photo of mine to decoupage a play kitchen cabinet for her 2-year-old granddaughter.

The photo is of a burner on an electric stove (below right). You can see in the picture she sent me (right), how she used it to make a simulated range.

Konomark is my project with CIS to create a simple way for people to signal their willingness to receive requests for re-use of photos or other copyrighted content on a no-fee basis.


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