The Future of Music Coalition

A discussion around copyright law, royalty collection in the digital realm, the protection of coprighted work through encryption and watermarking, and the use of legislation and lawsuits to protect established business models. Presentation by Jenny Toomey of Future of Music Coalition.

Audio Intervew

Audio Interview with Jennifer Granick,, October 11, 2001

An interview with Jennifer Granick, a criminal defense attorney in San Francisco who many consider one of the top legal experts on hacking and cyberlaw. Topics include digital evidence preservation, the law and security.

Siva Vaidhyanathan

This talk will discuss the ways we limit the range of discussion of policy choices by invoking the term "intellectual property." It will argue that we should discard the phrase and instead focus our discussion on the specific legal areas. We should discuss copyright, patent, and trademark issues as matters of policy, not property.

Jim Bessen

Open Source Software or Free Software appears contrary to conventional wisdom about intellectual property--free products challenge commercially-developed products in quality and market share. This talk explores the economics of Open Source, arguing that software complexity explains this result and overturns conventional thinking on property rights. Paper abstract: Open source software, developed by volunteers, appears counter to conventional wisdom about private provision of public goods.


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