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Semantic Remote Attestation

So I am slowly catching up with the TC debate (more to come soon). Last May, Vivek Haldar gave a very interesting presentation at the 3rd USENIX Virtual Machine Research & Technology Symposium. In the related paper, he and his co-authors propose an approach which they call "semantic remote attestation". The high-level idea is to have a remote attestation mechanism that is not based on the identity of a particular software program, but on its behavior.

Financial Aid vs. Foreign Aid

You're a senior in high school. A number of colleges--all equally ranked by you--have offered you financial aid packages. Some offer $20,000, others $30,000, still others $10,000 in total aid. Money matters to you, as you do not come from a rich family. Do you choose the $30,000?

What is Internet and Society News?

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Internet and Society News is a compendium of third-party news articles that address issues relating to how the Internet affects commerce and society. The purpose of the compendium is educational--to encourage thought and discussion on the course of our economy and society and what policy responses, if any, are needed or advisable. My viewpoint is socially liberal, economically conservative and, generally, skeptical.

Could U.S. Have Warned of Tsunami-Risk?

A letter to the editor of the NY Times suggests that the U.S. could have informed Asian leaders of the earthquake risk. I don't know the facts, but the writer does raise an issue that should be investigated thoroughly. Even natural calamaties are not generally beyond human intervention to minimize their impact; our power is that great. The media should be careful not to view this epic disaster as simply the hand of God, inexorable and relentless.

To the Editor:

Indian Relief Fund

Contributions can be made to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's relief fund or to Oxfam, among others.

The Indian PM is one of the world's most impressive leaders, so I would think that his relief fund would use the money wisely.

Bush Works to Clear Debris--But in Crawford

Bush is busy, as much of the world is, trying to clear debris, but Bush is doing so on his ranch in Texas. Bush is on vacation--something that he will only cut short or put aside during a Presidential campaign.

India Blog: Tsunami Notes

The Deccan Chronicle offers the horrifying report that sarees, the long flowing garments that many Indian women wear, became deathtraps as women were swept up in the current.

Many women, caught in the surging waters, could not escape after their sarees got entangled in sea weeds and bushes washed in by the sea. Even those who ran for their dear life were pulled back after bushes and debris caught hold of their sarees.


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