Kerik Fathered and Abandoned Daughter in Korea


As reported in the Korea Times, Kerik fathered a daughter with a Korean woman while he was stationed as a policeman in Korea in the 1970s.

New US Homeland Chief Fathered Daughter in Korea

By Reuben Staines
Staff Reporter

Presidential Medal for Failure

Incompetence has its rewards.

Bremer badly mismanaged the Iraq Occupation. Just yesterday, the Iraqi interim President complained bitterly of the disbanding of the Iraqi army. And Bremer's pro-consul-like imperiousness alienated the Iraqi people. Basic infrastructure in Iraq is still not back in place, despite billions of mainly Iraqi money spent on the enterprise.

For that, a Presidential Medal of Honor.

Scandal: Bush Is Coached on What to Say Before He Is on Camera!

This letter writer to the NY Times defends Rumsfeld's interrogator...

Re: "G.I.'s Query to Rumsfeld Prompted by Reporter" (news article, Dec. 10):

The revelation that a soldier's question to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld about the lack of armor on military vehicles in the Iraq war was suggested by an embedded reporter is really about as important as the fact that the president has speechwriters.

The facts are true, the issues are important, and the question addressed concerns of the troops and their families.

Something borrowed

From time to time, my snail mailbox here contains an interesting article sent to me from Paul Lomio, one of the amazing law librarians here at SLS.

Affidavit by Australian Guantanamo Detainee

The allegations in the David Hicks affidavit are shocking, even though we are inured to the steady stream of horrifying claims (some, at least substantiated by authoritative persons) regarding Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

a quick hello

i have been neglecting this blog, in part because of the spam, but also because the last month or so has been crazy busy. I'm very excited to be a non-res fellow. Lots more stuff and more attention to the blog starting in January.

Supreme Court to Rule on Grokster!

Cert. granted by the Court. 04-480 MGM STUDIOS INC., ET AL. V. GROKSTER, LTD., ET AL.

I personally would have preferred the Court to have waited longer to enter the fray, but here's the big fight for IP this year--or, likely, this decade.

It might be time to pull out my writing pen for an amicus brief.


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