Rumsfeld and Responsiblity

Rummy.jpg reminds us that last year,

In the middle of the controversy, Rumsfeld appeared before Congress and said he took "full responsibility" for what had happened, and he said he would step down from his post if he thought he could no longer be effective.

Bush then publicly expressed confidence in Rumsfeld.

Some thoughts about the Copyright Office comments

I've been thinking about the recent copyright office call for comments on orphan works. What is it that I would wish? The word that keeps coming back to me is "transparency." I have to live within the system, but it would be so nice if one could have tools that helped with this process -- that is

- online data bases FROM THE COPYRIGHT OFFICE (or somewhere else official) that one could search easily to see if a work has been renewed

Bush Unveils Privatization Strategy: Divide and Conquer

The President will announce that those 55 and older will not face benefit changes in their social security. (Presumably, those 55 years or older who are still in the work force will also not be eligible to privatize part of their social security contribution.)

The plan is simple: to remove the most mobilized, organized, informed constituency from objecting to the partial privatization of social security.

John Yoo Wrong on Geneva Conventions Again

In a remarkable op-ed in the LA Times, John Yoo and Robert Delahunty offer a defense of the Administration's refusal to apply the Geneva Conventions in two cases (1) the war against Al Queda; and (2) the Taliban.

2005 Spring Speakers Announced

The Center for Internet and Society and the
Stanford Law and Technology Association

present their spring 2005
speaker series

All talks are at the law school, from 12:30-1:30PM
free and open to the public
lunch served.


Are Right Wing Bloggers Worried About Criticism?

Kevin Drum points out that the most popular right wing bloggers refuse to permit comments on their posts.

As I write this, the top ten conservative blogs are Instapundit, Powerline, LGF, Malkin, Captain's Quarters, Sullivan, Hewitt, Volokh, Wizbang, and The Corner. Of those, only three have comments, and the LGF folks do everything in their power to keep anyone outside their own sycophantic fan base from contributing.

German CIS fellows meeting

On Saturday, January 15th, German CIS fellows (Barbara van Schewick, Stefan Bechtold, Christoph Engemann, Dan Wielsch and me) had a meeting in Berlin. After talking about anyone's education, current position, future plans "and stuff", we decided to meet twice a year in future to discuss a selected subject and hear a report on a current research project by one of the fellows. Promising !


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