Indian Nominee for Oscar


An Indian film called "Little Terrorist" has been nominated for best short film. Here's the hook:

Jamal is 10 years old, Pakistani, and a cricket enthusiast, and the fact that [his cricket ball has just landed across barbed wire, into a minefield across the border in India.

A world of region-coding

At the 3rd DRM conference this January in Berlin, Ross Anderson gave a dinner speech in which he envisaged a world suffused by region-coding technology (imagine region-coding in RFID-equipped jeans, e.g.). While we are not at this stage yet (at hopefully will never be), here is just another example of the increasing use of this technology:

AARP Brief Filed

The Cyberlaw Clinic also assisted the AARP in writing an amicus brief in
Brand-X Internet Services v. FCC. The brief argued that by categorizing
cable broadband as a telecommunications service, the Court would force the
FCC to consider consumer concerns and preserve customer choice in the ISP
market. Such concerns include the affordable pricing, superior customer
service, diversity of options, and rapid technological innovation that have
characterized the early growth of the Internet. It argued that if cable

ACLU Brief Filed

The American Civil Liberties Union, represented by members of the Cyberlaw Clinic, filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Supreme Court supporting open access to cable Internet lines. The case challenges an FCC determination that cable Internet service is not a "telecommunications service" presumptively subject to the sort of common carrier regulations historically applied to telephone service.

Trackback spamming

Some readers may remember that we used to have a big comment spam problem at CIS blogs (see here and, more generally, here). Now that this problem has been fixed by a workable solution for several months, we are increasingly getting a new kind of spam: trackback spamming.

Canadian PM Paul Martin on Same Sex Marriage

Last Wednesday, Martin rose in support of a "Civil Marriage Act" to permit same-sex marriage. Contrast the actions south of the border, where we have enacted a "Defense of Marriage Act," to reject same-sex marriage.

Consider Martin's striking, principled rejection of a referendum on the issue:

Sell This Photo

15702989.jpg"A moment later, Jeanne-Claude sternly warned [newspaper photograher] Tiernan that pictures of the artwork are trademarked and can't be sold." Recall that Christo and Jeanne-Claude are financing the $21 million cost of The Gates entirely themselves. So I understand their desire to monopolize the commercializing of photos of their art. It's awkward for sights in a public park to be restricted in this way. Is this a trend?


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