Canadian PM Paul Martin on Same Sex Marriage

Last Wednesday, Martin rose in support of a "Civil Marriage Act" to permit same-sex marriage. Contrast the actions south of the border, where we have enacted a "Defense of Marriage Act," to reject same-sex marriage.

Consider Martin's striking, principled rejection of a referendum on the issue:

Sell This Photo

15702989.jpg"A moment later, Jeanne-Claude sternly warned [newspaper photograher] Tiernan that pictures of the artwork are trademarked and can't be sold." Recall that Christo and Jeanne-Claude are financing the $21 million cost of The Gates entirely themselves. So I understand their desire to monopolize the commercializing of photos of their art. It's awkward for sights in a public park to be restricted in this way. Is this a trend?

Electronic Database Black Boxes--and the Ghost of Kafka

Just arrived in Birmingham and walked over to pick up my reserved car at Alamo for the drive to Tuscaloosa. But apparently my name shows up on a "do not rent" list for Alamo. There's no reason for this and the agent says that the national customer service phone numbers are closed on a Sunday, so I'm out of luck.

I walk over to Enterprise and rent a car--a nice Mazda, for cheaper. Alamo's database systems need work.

Blog Going to Alabama

Alabama.jpg I'll be away for a couple days at the University of Alabama, School of Law, giving a faculty talk on my new paper, Globalization and Distrust, hosted by Professor Dan Filler. It's a great school and I'm looking forward to my visit. Roll Tide.

D.C. Circuit on Bloggers

JurisPundit writes me, seeking comment on a D.C. Circuit ruling that surprisingly referenced bloggers (that reference anticipated in part by a Eugene Volokh op-ed):

Just wondering if you caught Judge Sentelle's blog reference in his In Re:Grand Jury Subpoena, Judith Miller opinion? I must admit that I failed to catch this, but LawPundit was on the ball.

NY GOP Chair Minarik accuses Democrats of being traitors

Newsday reports that NY GOP chair stands by his earlier comparison of Democrats to a lawyer recently convicted of aiding terrorism.

Minarik touched off a firestorm on Monday by saying that in electing Dean as national party chairman on Saturday "the Democrats simply have refused to learn the lessons of the past two election cycles, and now they can be accurately called the party of Barbara Boxer, Lynne Stewart and Howard Dean."


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