Congress Keen to Investigate UN Mismanagement of Oil for Food, but Lackadaisical about American mismanagement

Congress has been investigating, with strong Republican support, the UN-administered Oil for Food program. But Republican concern for mismanagement of the Iraqi people's money--which after all is what this is about--would seem more genuine if they were also concerned about our own mishandling of Iraqi money. How many American corporations connected to Republican party interests have become wealthy with Iraqi funds controlled by an American-led Coalition Authority? And what services and goods did they provide to earn their profits?

Who is an expert?

Juan Cole offers this rhetorical question in his derision of Jonah Goldberg, who speaks confidently on TV about Iraq every week:

Chicago Park Copyrighted

Bean.jpgA sculpture in Chicago's new Millennium Park is off limits to photographers.

Here's the Slashdot account:

Iraqi Civilians Still Under Siege


Despite our best hopes, Iraq still remains unsafe for the Iraqi people. A Washington Post story recounts the recent terror:

Insurgents have answered hopes for a post-election calm with a wave of carnage, capping two days of violence with a suicide bombing Saturday in front of a hospital south of Baghdad that killed 17 people.

Carly Fiorina: A Postscript

QUOTE OF DAY: "There is no job that is America's God-given right anymore."
- Carly Fiorina, then-CEO, Hewlett Packard... urging Congress not to restrict outsourcing of labor in January 2004. (The quote is courtesy of


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