Google Has A Blog

Google has a blog! This is a tricky move for a public company, and I would hope that a lawyer is vetting posts to make sure that they comply with securities laws. And that a business person is vetting posts to make sure that they comply with the company's business strategy.

Don't let women do science, and jail men with long ring fingers!

A new study reminds us how we should be extremely careful in interpreting supposed genetic predispositions:

How long a man's second finger is relative to his fourth finger appears to predict whether he is prone to be physically aggressive toward others, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Bloodsport in a UK prison?


BBC reports on the killing of a 19-year-old Asian man, allegedly because of his race. Mubarek was battered to death by known racist Robert Stewart at Feltham Young Offender Institution in March 2000.

Does Japan Need More People?

This second-grade class in Nishiki has only three children. The school will close in 2007. (Photo: Anthony Faiola/Wash. Post)

A baby bust in Japan is emptying schools and threatening Japan's economy. Pediatricians are switching specialties into geriatrics.

South Asian to Play Superman ... 's Arch-enemy's sidekick

Kal Penn ("Kumar") will star in upcoming Superman movie!

Oh, wait: the fine print--he'll play Lex Luthor's genius sidekick.

Ah, South Asians on the move! Next stop: Desi Supervillain!

Finally, a role model for South Asian kids!

(Kal Penn's character's name corrected on Thursday; apparently, I have difficulty telling the Western name ("Harold") from the Indian one ("Kumar"); thanks, Leena)


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