First Scandal, Then the Cover-Up

Halliburton billed more than a $100 million in excess for fuel imported into Iraq (by the way, how galling must this be for Iraqis, who hold the second largest reserve of oil in the world?). The Pentagon auditors came to this conclusion in October 2004, but with an election a few weeks away, the Bush Administration buried it.

Peter Wayner

Monday March 14, 2005
12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
Room 271
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Many of the stores and websites defend their huge collections of personal information by arguing that the data is a necessary part of offering personalized, customized service. This assumption is wrong. It is possible to build a database that answers useful questions without keeping any useful information in it. This talk will offer a few demonstrations like:

* a library that thwarts deadbeats without tracking reading habits

Teaching Your iPod to Dance


The problem with the iPod is not only Apple's claim to having a monopoly on legitimate sources of purchased downloaded music (that is, Apple's claim that Real's Harmony is illegitimate when it produces DRM music that is supposed to be compatible with iPod), but also that Apple controls who can run programs on the iPod computer.

Germanys E-Health Card to become Online ID Solution

Germanys Cabinet has announced its new 'eCard' (PDF German) strategy that essentially will render the 'GesundheitsCard' (HealthCard) into a universal ID solution. Health insurance is mandatory in Germany and basically every citizen already holds a Chipcard containg data about is insurance status. The GesundheitsCard is planned to become the succesor of the current Chipcard but with a much broader scope.

Andhra promotes one-girl child families


BBC reports that Indian state Andhra Pradesh will offer cash incentives to parents to have one girl, and one girl only. (Pictured is local hero, Sania Mirza, the Indian Tiger Woods, who will promote the policy.)

Brown People Want to be Free, Too

David Brooks odd column yesterday reveals how conservative thinking has shifted on "brown-skinned" people. Recall that Brooks applauds Wolfowitz for suggesting that people in the Middle East want to be free. Brooks echoes statements of George W. Bush:

The One That Got Reported


This is Steve Bell's cartoon in the Guardian.

We can't prejudge the reactions of Coalition troops as they seek to protect themselves in a hostile and often deadly environment without knowing more details about the actual incidents involved. But we can judge the news media, which reports on this issue all too seldom. Is Iraqi life cheaper than Italian life?


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