Peter Pan Case Settled

We are pleased to report that CIS client J. Emily Somma and the Great Ormond Street Hospital have settled their litigation concerning Peter Pan rights. The parties have jointly issued a press release announcing the settlement (press release). The terms of the settlement are otherwise confidential. (Read more here.)

Announcing "Cyberlaw in the Supreme Court"

On March 29, 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases that together will greatly determine how government can and will regulate the Internet in the future, and the impact that the public interest will have on the development of cyberlaw over the next decade.

Wolfowitz Key to Decision to Bar Non-Coalition Members from Iraqi Contracts

The fact that Wolfowitz was key to the December 2003 decision to bar companies from non-Coalition countries from contracts in Iraq suggests that Wolfowitz was less concerned, at least in that instance, with economic development than with employing funds to punish those who did not support the American invasion.

Barring foreign companies simply reduced competition--increasing the prices paid by Iraqis and Americans to get development done. Few economists would have supported such a move.

Bay Area Law Technology Conference

Stanford Law School is hosting a law and technology conference Saturday, April 9. The conference is a collaboration of four bay area law schools -- Stanford, Boalt , USF, and Hastings.

The day-long conference will provide an unusual exploration of law and technology by focusing on four emerging areas of interest: Nanotechnology, Fair Use, E-democracy, and international IP.

Registration is $25 for professionals and FREE to students.

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