Creative Commons

Creative CommonsOur aim is not only to increase the sum of raw source material online, but also to make access to that material cheaper and easier. To this end, Creative Commons will create metadata that can be used to associate creative works with their public domain or license status in a machine-readable way. Read more » about Creative Commons

Stanford Law And Technology Association (SLATA)

Stanford Law And Technology Association (SLATA)SLATA is an association of Stanford Law School students which brings together students, faculty, researchers and practitioners interested in law and technology. We present speakers and panel discussions, organize visits to the legal departments of Silicon Valley high technology companies, and help to educate the Stanford Community about issues of technology law. Read more » about Stanford Law And Technology Association (SLATA)

The Stanford Student Computer and Network Privacy Project

The Stanford Student Computer and Network Privacy ProjectThe Stanford Student Computer and Network Privacy Project is a product of the Stanford University course titled Information Technology in Society: Legal and Policy Perspectives taught by Dr. Barbara Simons. This seminar-format course analyzed the ethical, legal, policy, political, and technical components of intellectual property, privacy, security, and other technology related issues. Read more » about The Stanford Student Computer and Network Privacy Project

Fellowship Program

In addition to faculty, staff, and full-time residential Fellows, the CIS attracts fascinating and highly qualified non-residential Fellows to further the interdisciplinary study of public interest technology law issues. CIS 2005-2006 Non-Residential Fellows are Woodrow Barfield, Peter Berghammer, Marilee S. Chan, Jonathan Eisenberg, Tarleton Gillespie, Lawrence Greenberg, Andrew Jankowich, Nicola Lucchi, Matthew Margolin, Péter Munkácsi, Tom Rubin, Colin Rule, Barbara van Schewick, David Wiley, and Jim Youll. Read more » about Fellowship Program

Cyberlaw Clinic

The CIS offers Stanford Law School students a clinical program in public interest Internet law through its Cyberlaw Clinic. Students enrolled in the clinical program assist attorneys in advising clients, and litigation cases. The clinic is taught by director and attorney Jennifer S. Granick. Read more » about Cyberlaw Clinic


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