CIS Fellow Julian Dibbell

Julian Dibbell will discuss real-world legal issues rooted in virtual-world
economies. In the last five years, virtual worlds like the massively
multiplayer role-playing games EverQuest and Ultima Online have become
sources of genuine wealth for their inhabitants. Scarce in-game items and
well-developed player accounts sell on eBay for hundreds of dollars, with
assets accruing to players at a rate that dwarfs the GNP per capita of major
economies like India's and China's. But who actually owns this wealth? The Read more » about CIS Fellow Julian Dibbell

David Goldberg

David Goldberg, one of Europe's preeminent free expression scholars, will present his latest paper that examines how Europe is approaching the free expresion vs. censorship debate stemming from 'children and the Internet' (or pornography online) issues. This includes the various debates, policies, decisions, recommendations, action plans, task forces, content rating & filtering schemes, hotlines, and educational/awareness raising programs. Read more » about David Goldberg


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