Cyberlaw Clinic To Represent Author of New Peter Pan Adventure Book

Emily Somma is the author of After the Rain, A New Adventure for Peter Pan, a children's book in which present day children rescue Peter Pan from Neverland so he can grow up. J.M. Barrie's original Peter Pan books are in the public domain, copyright having expired. Copyrights on plays and a musical based on the Peter Pan books are still subsisting in the U.K., however, and the owner of those copyrights has alleged that Somma's book infringes these and its lawyer has sent her a cease and desist letter. CIS has agreed to represent Emily Somma in this matter. Read more » about Cyberlaw Clinic To Represent Author of New Peter Pan Adventure Book

Clinic Files Motion to Quash "Nymox" John Doe Subpoena

This matter involves attempts by Nymox, a Canadian pharmaceutical corporation, to learn the identities of several pseudonymous individuals. The action originated in a Quebec court, where limited pre-filing discovery may be permitted by the Court. In fact, no lawsuit has yet been filed in this matter, either in Canada or in the U.S.. The Quebec court issued an Order requiring Yahoo!, Inc. to release whatever information it had about each of the eleven named pseudonyms. Yahoo! Canada responded that the requested information resides on U.S. servers and thus a U.S. Read more » about Clinic Files Motion to Quash "Nymox" John Doe Subpoena

CIS Fellow Julian Dibbell

Julian Dibbell will discuss real-world legal issues rooted in virtual-world
economies. In the last five years, virtual worlds like the massively
multiplayer role-playing games EverQuest and Ultima Online have become
sources of genuine wealth for their inhabitants. Scarce in-game items and
well-developed player accounts sell on eBay for hundreds of dollars, with
assets accruing to players at a rate that dwarfs the GNP per capita of major
economies like India's and China's. But who actually owns this wealth? The Read more » about CIS Fellow Julian Dibbell


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