CBI Moves To Bifurcate New CARP

While CIS continues work on the D.C. Circuit appeal asking the Court of Appeals to reverse the Librarian of Congress's Order setting royalty rates for digital transmissions of recordings, the Copyright Office is already preparing for new CARP hearings to set the royalty rates for 2003-2004. Collegiate Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) is participating in the new CARP Proceeding to ensure that educational stations' special needs and views are represented this time around. Read more » about CBI Moves To Bifurcate New CARP

Mark Cooper 3/3

Dr. Mark Cooper will discuss threats to the dynamically innovative Internet posed by the anticompetitive practices of advanced telecommunications network owners. Cooper’s new book, CABLE MERGERS AND MONOPOLIES: MARKET POWER IN DIGITAL MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS, combines “new economy” concepts of communications platforms with traditional industrial organization concepts. Read more » about Mark Cooper 3/3


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