Whatsapp at Risk of Suspension of Services in Brazil

A few weeks ago, a judge of the state of Piauí, in Brazil, ordered Whatsapp to suspend its activities in the country. The judge has also issued orders for the suspension of the service to all telecommunication service providers, compelling them to enforce the measure, considering the service has no representation in Brazil. As the case pertains to the sharing of child pornography through the network, its details are classified.

Information sharing to the cyber-rescue, again!

Yesterday, news emerged (or was officially leaked) that the President will announce an initiative designed to bolster American Internet security: the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center. Based on the post-9/11 designed National Counterterrorism Center (CTC), this new organization purportedly will serve as an 'intelligence fusion center' within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and work with the private sector in developing and sharing information and analysis related Internet security threats, vulnerabilities, trends, and situational awareness.


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