Copyright Office Postpones CARP Deadlines

April 30, 2003-
Representatives of Commercial Broadcasters and Copyright Owners and Performers have advised the Library that they have reached an agreement on rates and terms for simultaneously webcasting their AM and FM radio broadcast programming. Their agreement will be proposed and published in the Federal Register soon.

Commission on Internet Political Practices Meeting this Friday

The Bipartisan Commission on Internet Political Practices will continue its examination of the various issues posed by campaign activity on the Internet. The Commission’s Technology Subcommittee will conduct a hearing on the impact of advancing on-line technologies in the political process.

The hearing will be held in the Gold Lounge at the Stanford Faculty Club on Friday, May 2 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm on the university campus on Lagunita Drive. (650-723-4325). Directions.

Witnesses include:


Monday April 28, 2003
1:00-2:00 PM
Room 290
Stanford Law School
Open to All!

September 16, 2002
Imagine a law that had two parts—a labeling part and a bounty part. Part A says that any unsolicited commercial e-mail must include in its subject line the tag [ADV:]. Part B says that the first person to track down a spammer violating the labeling requirement will, upon providing proof to the Federal Trade Commission, be entitled to $10,000 to be paid by the spammer.”
–Larry Lessig CIO Insight Magazine


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