CIS files Appeal with 2nd Circuit

CIS today asked a 2nd Circuit Appeals Court to overrule a decision preventing a software company from accessing and republishing webfares to help consumers get the best prices.

Antispam measure gains steam in House | CNET

Antispam measure gains steam in House
By Declan McCullagh
May 23, 2003, 7:16 AM PT

Antispam sentiment on Capitol Hill is growing, with a new proposal in
the House of Representatives promising to slap the worst bulk
e-mailers with prison terms and millions of dollars in fines.

Granick on Panel re: Privacy, Terrorism and Citizenship

Today at 4:00 PM, CIS Executive Director Jennifer Granick will be speaking on a panel at the Stanford Social Sciences Department on Privacy, Terrorism and Citizenship. Other panelists include:

Karen Cook, Associate Dean of Social Sciences, moderator
Laura Donahue, CISAC
Fred Turner, Dep't of Communication
Michael Keller, University Librarian

May 22, Thurs., 4:00 - 6:00. SSRC
Reading Room in BingWing of the Main Library

Court Ruling in Favor of Cyberlaw Clinic

This is the Appellate Court ruling in favor of the Cyberlaw Clinic position that the defendant in a First Amendment retaliatory lawsuit is entitled to attorney's fees if he would have been the prevailing party on a pending anti-SLAPP motion, even if the plaintiffs dismiss before the court can rule on the motion. Download file


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