Vulnerabilities Conference

After a slight MoveableType Notifications SNAFU, the CyberSecurity, Research, and Disclosure site is back, now with a resources section that is in search of contributions. If you have yet to register for more information about the conference (or if your email address was lost in the Ether), do so here.


July 15, 2003-- "Reclaiming the Public Domain" speech and discussion at Gracenet event at Zeum restaurant in San Francisco.

Institute for Women and Technology Anita Borg Celebration

From across society technology leaders from industry, academia, and government gather on September 9th, 2003 at Stanford Memorial Auditorium and the Crowne Plaza Cabana to honor the life of Dr. Anita Borg and address critical and immediate issues facing technology. Anita Borg envisioned a brighter, fuller, more empowered future where women's voices, ideas and spirits influence how and why technology is developed.


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