A User-Focused Commentary on the TPP’s ISP Safe Harbors

               This article is part of an IP-Watch and series analyzing the Trans Pacific Partnership intellectual property provisions by leading experts around the world.  The series will publish weekly on through the first quarter of 2016.


Blaming cryptography (and Snowden) again.

Less than 2 days after the Daesh attacks in Paris, technology was, predictably, named as an accomplice -- if not an enabler -- of terrorism, crime, and other nefarious outcomes.

To wit:

The New York Times led the 'reporting' with this ...

New UK law enforcement bill would prohibit effective encryption

Last week, the government of the United Kingdom proposed a bill that would codify and expand the surveillance powers afforded to UK intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill would consolidate current laws governing surveillance and police investigations, codify the UK government’s and courts’ interpretations of what those laws permit, and in some instances extend existing law to grant new powers to government.


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