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Appeals of Order setting royalty rates for webcasting

The Center for Internet and Society is representing Collegiate Broadcasters, Inc. (CBI) in connection with the Copyright Office's determination of royalty rates for the compulsory license for webcasting copyrighted music. These rates were set for the first time this year by a panel of arbitrators appointed by the Copyright Office, as approved and modified by the Librarian of Congress. CBI, which represents about 100 broadcasters affiliated with educational institutions, was not able to participate in the expensive royalty arbitration.

Cyberlaw Clinic To Represent Author of New Peter Pan Adventure Book

Emily Somma is the author of After the Rain, A New Adventure for Peter Pan, a children's book in which present day children rescue Peter Pan from Neverland so he can grow up. J.M. Barrie's original Peter Pan books are in the public domain, copyright having expired. Copyrights on plays and a musical based on the Peter Pan books are still subsisting in the U.K., however, and the owner of those copyrights has alleged that Somma's book infringes these and its lawyer has sent her a cease and desist letter. CIS has agreed to represent Emily Somma in this matter.

New Internet Radio Bill In Senate

Senator Jesse Helms is introducing the Small Webcaster Settlement Act of 2002, a new bill intended to provide some relief to webcasters from the extraordinary royalty rates they otherwise are obligated to pay for transmitting copyrighted sound recordings over the Internet.

A copy of the Bill is here.

This bill, if enacted, will mean that noncommercial webcasters, such as college Internet radio stations and hobbyists, do not need to make any payment until June 20, 2003.


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