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Stanford Summit: wacky search info.

An audience member asked a great question: What are the crazy/wacky things that they've learned from the search data?

Jim: "How can I tell if I'm pregnant?" is one of the top search queries at

Peter searched through query logs and was looking for searches in hiku format. His favorite was a hiku about Java. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the whole thing but maybe you can help me complete it:
Java ecc
Java eliptical curves
{UPDATE: the last line is "Playboy FAQ"} Read more about Stanford Summit: wacky search info.

Stanford Summit: What can't a phone do?

Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm, is describing the future of what the mobile phone will do. Based on what he's saying, I think there's nothing it can't do. It's not just a communication device. It's a social network device. It's music and entertainment (of course). It's a health care device. (Your doctor will be able to be in your social network and know when an emergency happens.) It's a real-time event notification device. Read more about Stanford Summit: What can't a phone do?

Stanford Summit

After a little treacherous time finding the physical location of the Summit this morning at Stanford University (note to AlwaysOn: please put specific location details on the website!), I'm enjoying the presentations, the coffee, and thinking about what's next on the innovation front for technology adoption and development. Read more about Stanford Summit


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