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Legal writing tip

I hope my legal writing students read my blog because I have a tip for them: Make sure your briefs are comprehensible, include sound legal reasoning and argument, and are clear about what relief you are seeking. Otherwise, you might end up with ruling like this one from a San Antonio bankruptcy judge. (Note to students: No, you may not cite Adam Sandler films as authority in your briefs. Judges are allowed to do this. You are not.) Thanks Erik for making me laugh this morning. Read more about Legal writing tip

Street performances -- can I put them on my blog?

Last week I received a question from JD Lasica. He asked me "If I videotape a street musician performing in public, can I post it to my noncommercial blog without asking his permission? Out of courtesy I would, but can he control use of his public performance? What about other people?" I had some thoughts, and I decided to post what I had to say.(1) Copyright. For copyright it depends on a couple facts. Read more about Street performances -- can I put them on my blog?

I attended this lecture today by Michael J. Madison. These are some of my notes from the lecture.
There are informal groups that we can see through social software. Thus, these groups have some sort of salience. salience of group as group -- community? alliance? Read more about

My new favorite music-related site


OK. So there are so many interesting websites offering music. This is not new. But at a dinner party I had on Tuesday, a couple of friends were talking about Pandora. Indeed, my friend Jason told me about this website months ago, but for some completely inexplicable reason I never got to exploring it. And I do regret that since I have been missing out on it all this time. Read more about My new favorite music-related site

Copyright & Consumer Protection

I attended this talk by Natali Helberger of the Institute for Information Law yesterday at SLS. She spoke about consumer protection and copyright, and discussed the recent Sony rootkit case. These are some notes I took about the talk.Looking at copyright law as a form of consumer protection is somewhat difficult conceptually. Helberger pointed out some important questions: (1) who is the consumer? (Is it the user? Is it the author?) (2) what conditions apply to the way the information is offered? Read more about Copyright & Consumer Protection


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