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Dream device for my car

Being here at OnHollywood has made me think about a mobile device that I want. I thought of this as I was sitting traffic this morning. I want a podcast delivery interface that has a screen in my car's dashboard and that is connected to controls on my steering wheel (like my car stereo is). I want to be able to scroll through the podcasts that are downloaded, so that I can select the podcast I want to hear and have it play through my car radio. My iPod can do this sort of, but the interface is just not safe when I'm driving. Read more about Dream device for my car


great panels (link to jd lasica)
giving my card to a celebrity (link to tom green)
paparazzi @ fred segal (link to post)
meeting the GOOD people (link to post)
cinqo de mayo (link?)
reconnecting with friends down here
dinner @ frida w/ gina

sitting in heavy traffic on la cienega
memory card dying in my digital camera Read more about highlights/lowlights

the new MP3 tunes...

Michael Robertson of is here presenting about his new company. (He was behind the group that struggled with the copyright issues in the past... but he's not giving up on this theme.) He likens the revolution of music distribution to the revolution we experienced with the advent of the ATM for banking. He demo'd how his new company can play a song on a number of platforms, from your PC or Mac, to your telephone, to your shoe. Yes, your shoe. Read more about the new MP3 tunes...

castpost video
directory - brows and find what's hot, in both user-generated content and in mainstream media.
get what's popourla and recent, and permitted? permissible?

remote - a little remote control image that
brings to users concistency and interactive features

castpost they have 100,000 registered users, no advertising, second to youtube in blogsphere.
castpost remote brings this virality to mainstream media, legitimately,

"quick, easy and legal"

assuring regarding copyright violations

2-3 pm (live demo) Read more about

Is the Web the new Hollywood?

So things were off to an interesting start here today at AlwaysOn. JD Lasica's panel asked the question "Is the Web the New Hollywood?" I don't think the question was really answered (it's more rhetorical than anything else), but the panel did raise a few issues that I thought were cool. Here are just a couple points I thought were interesting. Read more about Is the Web the new Hollywood?

Moderator -- (Houlihan Lokey)
Ben Feingold (Sony)

What direction is this going: Read more about

Are photo licensors exempt from the right of publicity?

[Yes: Three posts in one day. This is a record for me. But please read on...]

Here's a short story, with a question at the end. I'd welcome any and all comments, as I'm truly at a loss for figuring out how a licensor of copyrights in a photo believes it is free to ignore the right of publicity of the people featured in a photo. Read more about Are photo licensors exempt from the right of publicity?


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