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RSS Days

So, it's the start of Gnomdex, and the introduction includes an official Washington State proclamation that June 30-July 1 are "RSS Days" in this state.

rssDaysWashingtonStateProclamationGnomedex6.thumbnail.jpg Read more about RSS Days

Seattle trip begins

So I'm up in Seattle for a few days to attend Gnomdex later this week and to spend some time with my family and our newest member, Marcus Paul Vogele, who I'm happy to report is doing quite well. He joined us in mid-May (8-weeks before his due date) and we are optomistic that he'll soon be released from the NICU and come home to play with his brothers. Read more about Seattle trip begins

@ supernova

I'm at SuperNova2006 today. The morning started off with a talk about Net Neutrality by Michael Copps of the FCC. The talk left me pleased that someone is up there at the FCC who cares and seems to understand this issue from the (small d) democratic perspective. Bravo. Read more about @ supernova



Thanks to everyone who attended the "Happy Podding Hour" last night at Varnish. It was great to catch up with many of you and hear what you're up to, and have a chance to personally "thank you". Read more about THANKS!

Peter van Djick's opening comments @ VloggerCon...

Peter van Djick opened the official program. He claims to be a bit nervous but he says he has some things to say. Here are my notes...

His main point is: We all have a vision, and we have it in a different way. This technology permits people to have a voice w/o needing to have a lot of money or to ask permission of others. Now, we have an opportunity to make it all happen, but its also not necessarily just going to happen. To make it happen we need (1) technology and (2) a certain kind fo culture. Read more about Peter van Djick's opening comments @ VloggerCon...


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