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The best is yet to be.

One of my favorite people to collaborate with on all things related to this area of cyberlaw, technology, and new media has been fired from her big law firm. Denise Howell writes an inspiring post and I value the insights she's shared in that post. Though I don't have a kid, or a husband (or even a boyfriend at this time), I too experienced a similar run in with the traditional big law firm model she describes. Read more about The best is yet to be.

A blogging bitch session by Jeremy Zawodsky (gnomdex)

Here's a list of the things people at Gnomdex want to change:

(1) There's too much social software. We have no perspective - or our perspective is just way off base from the rest of the real world.

(2) We (techies) don't look outside our echo chamber. We completely ignore the outside world. We don't talk about real people. (Eric Rice)

(3) We need to think beyond the screen. The interface of the future may not be just the computer screen. There will be other ambient interfaces; there will be voice interfaces. Read more about A blogging bitch session by Jeremy Zawodsky (gnomdex)

Halley Suitt on Creativity (gnomdex)

Halley’s talking about creativity and, in particular, "The Creative Leader". How do you identify the creative leader? How do you compensate the creative leader? Are you creating an atmosphere of fun for the culture of your time? Here are some tips from the audience and the discussion overall:

    (1) Give developers control over their space, let them decide when to be in there and when not. Let them design the space.

    (2) Take them all to lunch, away from the office, build trust by opening up a channel.

building buzz... (gnomdex)

Philip Kaplan (aka Ask Pud) is here to talk about creating buzz on the internet. He suggests a few suggestions/lessons about creating buzz:

(1) Write about groups/companies. He thinks that F'd company and adbright got popular for similar reasons. Writing about a group (a company, for example) creates a buzz so that all the people in that group or company go to your site and become subscribers.

(2) Instead of "contact us" links, have a "contact [name]" Read more about building buzz... (gnomdex)

demos at gnomdex (and their various ip terms of use)

second life - is cool. ip treatment is interesting. people in the world own all the ip they create. story of tringo guy - who made game that is a bingo + tetris. licensed it to nintendo. second life sees none of the revenue from that license. virtual economy is interesting too. i want to see the chris pirillo avatar. and, now, because i care about these things, the lengthy ip-related portions of the second life terms of service are found in section 3 at this link. Read more about demos at gnomdex (and their various ip terms of use)

Powell's Internet Freedoms (gnomdex)

Werner Vogels (Amazon CTO) is here to talk about Net Neutrality debate. He closed his speech by highlighting Powell's Internet Freedoms:

1- Freedom to access content
2- Freedom to Use Applications
3- Freedom to Attach Personal Devices
4- Freedom to Obtain Service Plan Information
5- Freedom to Obtain Guaranteed "basic internet service"

These should be committed to memory. Read more about Powell's Internet Freedoms (gnomdex)

podcasters petition WIPO regarding broadcast treaty

Sign the podcasters petition to WIPO about the broacast treaty. If you're a podcast creator or a consumer, you re eligible to sign. I'm no. 159 to sign the petition. Here is the complete text:

"This is a petition to the World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO) regarding the Broadcast Treaty as it affects podcasting and podcasters. Read more about podcasters petition WIPO regarding broadcast treaty


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