Video: Ryan Calo - Personalization and Privacy

Ryan Calo, Director of the Consumer Privacy Project, spoke in the Personalization and Privacy panel at the 2011 Personalization Summit. Watch the full panel video below.

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James Temple from SFGate writes about this event:


It's hard to get worked up about a word like "personalized."

Who doesn't want a product that's tailored to their one-of-a-kind selves, like fitted suits or fluffy monogrammed towels?

Which is probably why RapLeaf of San Francisco called their Mountain View conference on Thursday the "2011 Personalization Summit," as opposed to, say, the "Data Tracking Trade Show."

But in the online world, both terms have come to mean the same thing, even if they're typically employed by groups with markedly different views. Consumer advocates often argue that online companies are spying on Web surfers as they move from site to site (tracking). The companies themselves stress that they're helpfully customizing content, services and advertising to the interests and needs demonstrated by a person's online behavior (personalization).

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