Name Your Price? Walker Digital places IP portfolio for licensing/purchase.

This morning I received an email from ICAP - Ocean Tomo informing that they are the exclusive broker for about 700 patents in the Walker Digital portfolio. Presumably in the portfolio is the Priceline 'name your price' patent. I wonder if William Shatner, television advertising persona for Priceline and formerly Captain Kirk of Startrek, is going to be doing some 'patent price chopping.'

I looked at the 371 patents currently assigned to Walker Digital at the USPTO, a large number of which are Internet e-commerce patents. Also curious in that portfolio are 30 patents by Bruce Schneier, Internet security expert.

I'm trying to track down the exact list of patents offered for review.


Thanks for providing this information. Would you be posting the list here or a link to the list when you locate and review it?

Hi. Is there a list or a link to the 700 Patents? i don't want to buy one but take a look ^^ greetings Kevin

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